What is pawning?

Pawn is lending money on retained collateral. The service we offer is special because regular lending institutions such as your neighborhood bank WILL NOT make small loans.

How does a Pawnshop work?

We lend money on items of value such as gold/platinum/silver/diamond jewelry, musical instruments, televisions, electronics, tools, etc. We like to say whatever may fit in the door. Usually, loans average $150, although these can be as small as $25 or several thousand dollars depending on the value of the collateral item, and the need of the customer.

How do you determine the value of items?

We lend money based upon the current resale value of an item. This value takes into account the age/condition of the item, along with supply and demand. A good relationship with our customer can always help the final decision.

How can I be sure the merchandise I purchase at a pawnshop isn't stolen?

Burglars and thieves are a pawnbroker’s worst client.  All pawnbrokers work closely with local law enforcement to provide all critical clues to find potential stolen merchandise. Details of items pawned/purchased are sent electronically to an on-line database. These details include but are not limited to serial numbers, owners markings, size, color and amount of stones. This database is available nationwide to any law enforcement on a regular basis.  A customer must provide a state or government issued identification when obtaining a loan along with leaving a thumbprint.  These precautions decrease the likelihood that a thief would bring stolen merchandise to a pawnshop.  Pawnbrokers always try to avoid acquiring stolen property. 

Are pawnshop rates excessive?

The State of Florida regulates the amount of interest pawn shops in Florida can charge. Florida allows up to 25% monthly interest rates, yet we usually collect much less. Keep in mind the pawnbroker is taking all the risk loaning any dollar amount on your goods.

How long do I have to reclaim my merchandise?

Florida State requires that we hold your pawned merchandise for 60 days. You may at any time within these 60 days pick up your item by paying in full (loan amount plus interest) or extend your loan by paying just interest. If you choose not to reclaim your item simply do nothing and your item will eventually go “out for sale”. Please feel free to contact us at anytime to discuss your current loans default date.